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PhD theses

Multi-scale Ocean Model for CO2 Storage

Dissociation Model of Methane Hydrate

Direct Simulation of Droplet Behaiviour


master theses

Ecosystem Simulation in Hosan Lake

Micro-scale Simulation of Sediment Flow

Leakage of Geological Stored CO2 in Real Sea

Ariake Sea and Okinotori-shima Island

Surface Area of Methane Hydrate

Ecological Risk of Ocean Acidification

Risk of Windblown Dust from Aral Sea

Public Acceptance of CO2 Ocean Sequestration

Simulation of VIV about an Inclined Pipe

Unsteady Small-Scale Ocean Eddies

Numerical Reconstruction of Deep Ocean Currents

Modelling of Fish Mortality Caused by CO2

Numerical Reconstruction of Ocean Turbulence

Small-Scale Ocean Turbulence

DNS and LES in Stratification

Gokasyo-Bay Simulation

CO2 Ocean Sequestration

Droplet Simulation


graduation theses

Feasibility Study of Microalgae Culture

Dissociation Model of CO2 Hydrate

Triple I for Methane Hydrate

Virtual Photobioreactor

Leakage of Geologically Sequestrated CO2

Microscale Simulation of Methane Hydrate

Ocean Mixing Layer by LES

VIV Analysis by Forced Motion Test

Ecosystem Modelling in Ariake-Bay

FS for CO2 Ocean Sequestration

Ariake-Bay Model Test in Rotating Tank

Mixing Layer Turbulence in Stratification

Light-Flashing Effect in Photosynthesis

Rotational Effect on Density Current

Hydraulic Model in Rotating Tank

Plume in Stratified Flow

Invention of Photo-Bioreactor

CO2 Fixation by Microalgae

Plume Dynamics

Droplet Movement

Salt Finger