Planning of Environmentally Harmonizing Systems





    One subject is chosen from global environmental issues and a solution or a mitigation measure is planned.  Teams are formed and each student is assigned to some role in the team.  Basic data and information are collected and through discussion in the team and with instructors, the chosen subject is analyzed from social, economical, environmental and technological viewpoints.



material: English, presentation: English, discussion: English, other: Japanese allowed



Evaluation: attendance and presentation



-----<<< SUBJECT OF 2006  平成18年度課題 >>>------









Given in both Japanese and English.

2 hour lecture/discussions per week


Subject of this year:

 Fast currents such as the Kuroshio current and tidal current exist in the territorial sea and Exclusive Economical Zone (EEZ) of Japan.  Total amount of energy is vast.  Power generation using the typical renewable energy will be a key issue for construction of Sustainable Society.  Technical feasibility of power generation in Japanese territorial sea and EEZ is investigated and business model is planned to make the utilization of ocean current energy economically feasible.

The investigations are made in teams.  Each team is comprised of three to five students.  Good investigation and proposal will be given a chance to present their result at domestic or international symposium.




April 18 Guidance
April 25 Discussion on the assignment, formation of teams (at Hongo
May 2 Collection of basic data and information
May 9 Planning of basic concept
May 16 do.
May 23 Presentation of concept (at Kashiwa Campus)
May 30 Investigation of technical feasibility
June 6 do.
June 13 do.
June 20 Investigation of economical feasibility
June 27 do.
July 4 Presentation of plan (at Hongo Campus)